Penrhyn Unfading Purple

This classic Welsh slate, known as 'heather blue' in the U.K., has dark plum coloring. It first arrived in the U.S. aboard sailing ships in the early 1800's and still graces many historical buildings around the country today. A smooth and very durable stone, the Penrhyn Purple is a true unfading slate with virtually no green markings. Produced in Wales, U.K.


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Penrhyn PurpleThe New England Slate Company is pleased to offer Penrhyn Purple roofing slate from the Penrhyn Quarry in Wales, the oldest and most prestigious slate producing region in the world. Drawing on hundreds of years of slate producing heritage, Welsh//Slate quarries and manufactures roofing slate of unparalleled durability and quality. Penrhyn Purple, known in Europe as Heather Blue, is a clear, unfading deep purple to plum colored slate. Penrhyn PurpleThe New England Slate Company is the North American distributor of Penrhyn Purple and stocks most common sizes at our Poultney, Vermont facility. With a historic presence on buildings in the U.S. dating back to the 1800s, Penrhyn Purple is an important product for restoration and renovation work. In addition, the classic color and proven quality make the Penrhyn Purple an exciting option for new installations.

Penrhyn PurpleFor more information check out our Penrhyn Purple Brochure and Welsh Slate's site.

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An overview of the North Wales slate industry. Interviews with Dafydd Roberts at the National Slate Museum, Llanberis and Alan Smith of Welsh Slate Limited, Penrhyn Quarry. Narrated by Ceurwyn Humphreys.  Mainly in Welsh, with some interviews in English.  Great photo/video comparision of historic quarry landscapes, equipment and manufacturing with modern day equivalents.



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